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Dong Days of Summer

Mouth-watering Bag of Dicks
summer scents are here!

Bag of Dicks

The to-die-for scents
and hilarious punny names
make our Bag of Dicks fragranced
wax melts the hottest gift around.

Happy Hour All Day

Gorgeous clamshell and snap bar
wax melts for when it's too early
to start drinkin'.

Put your bitch face on

Keep your resting bitch face looking glamorous as fuck.

Bag of Dicks Scented Soaps

Getting clean never felt so dirty.

Bag of Dicks Penis Wax Melts

Dick jokes are what we do best. Classy dick jokes.

Rudely Refined Candles

Our soy wax candles may be a bit indecent, but that doesn't mean they aren't classy! Made with high-quality ingredients such as all-natural soy wax and carefully selected phthalate-free fragrance oils, these naughty candles deliver premium fragrances and guaranteed laughs.

Bachelorette Party Must-Haves

We believe bachelorette parties can celebrate the bride's (or groom's!) commitment to the same penis forever with something a little more chic than plastic junk.

Unexpectedly Sophisticated Adornments

Peruse our collection of profane yet surprisingly classy bits and bobs keychains, greeting cards, stickers and more!

Grab a Bag of Dicks.

Shop our wide range of "Bag of Dicks" fragranced wax melts.

Show me the Goods

Delightfully Scandalous Soy Wax Candles

Getting clean never felt so dirty.