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Holy Balls!

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You all really like our dicks!


I spent 6 months building this brand and had hopes that I might find a handful of people who would get a kick out of the products like I did. I don't know what I expected, but going viral on TikTok just 2 days after launching was NOT in my wildest dreams.

It makes my heart SO happy to see that over 1.4 million people (and counting) have seen and laughed at my video highlighting the "A Boatload of Seamen" Bag of Dicks penis wax melts. You're my people!

I really thought I had over-prepared for my launch but I apparently underestimated TikTok's love for dick jokes! The orders came pouring in, over 150 in just a few hours! I wanted to make sure I was prepared to fulfill all of those orders so I shut down both this site and my Etsy shop to catch my breath.

I'm working furiously to restock, I so appreciate everyone's patience and understanding that I am a one-woman show! If you haven't already, sign up for the newsletter to stay in-the-know on when I restock.


Thank you!